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Josh mobile has been in the making since early 2010, a genuine labor of care born out of years of assiduous research & planning.With the driving force of the leadership team of Mr. Deepak Gupta, Ms. Sunita Gupta & Sonal Gupta, Josh mobiles is breaking all the boundaries in order to provide affordable technology to the masses. Mr. Deepak Gupta is a strategic visionary with a rich experience in the telecom domain and a specialist with an eye for new technology trends.

Kicking off operations with New Delhi as the headquarters, Josh Mobiles established itself as a rising leader within a year. Catering to the needs of customers of every kind, the indigenous mobile phone venture has been growing from strength to strength.
Having a mobile phone was a long necessity for the Indians and the market was cluttered with foreign brands; josh mobiles had a challenging road ahead. But today, Josh Mobiles offer a wide range of phones – ranging from Dual SIM, Touch screens, Music handsets to Smartphone’s, we have alternative for every taste.

Josh Mobiles is an aggressive and passionate brand that aspires to encourage people do more with their Mobile handset and delighting them with incredibly featured and multimedia rich offerings in their respective segments.

Our commitment to serve the masses comes with a vision to focus on extending our mobile phones by explosive growth in ‘Availability & ‘Affordability’, thus overcoming the perceived digital divide.
Company’s keen interest and understanding of the ever-changing Indian preferences has played a key role in its innovations and designs. For it, we conduct Strict QA (Quality Assurance) & Comprehensive Product Testing Process to ensure quality products to the end consumers. Our product has always been derived by the consumer oriented technology advancement and we believe in maintaining good customer relations while catering well after sales service & support.

With a proficient team of experts we focus on each aspect, like

  • Stylish, feature rich & best techno loaded phones at reasonable prices
  • Setting up PAN India Supply Chain Network of our own
  • Establishing Company owned After Sales Service Network
  • Retaining industry standard Trade Practices
  • Professional Brand Building through multi-level marketing

With an eye on the latest technology and a no-compromise attitude on quality, we are in the process of appointing service centers mapped with trade partner of respective locations and monitored directly from companies L4 Service center based at New Delhi.